5 things to remember while design your kitchen

In modern ages people are moving towards Individual liberty. Day by day the joint families are splitting into small unit families. People are liking to stay in a small family with freedom. As a result the houses are becoming small as well as kitchen. Nowadays housewives feel regret that the “kitchen is so small, It would have been better if the kitchen was a little bigger.”

We, the Axis Group Of Interior Design (i.e AGOID), the best interior design company in Kolkata are here to show ideas and exclusive offers that make your kitchen so useful and attractive that will take you to the incredible world of satisfaction.

Basic Ideas--

Normally a standard size of a small kitchen is 5 feet by 8 feet. It differs regarding place and needfulness. Here are some things to remember while your design your kitchen--

1. Position: The best position of your kitchen should be in the corner side. The dining room should be beside or open to the kitchen so that the meal can be served quickly to the dining. According to Vastu Position, it’s best for the kitchen should be in the south-west side.

2. Size: Minimum 5’x8’ size is required for a decent kitchen. It can be differ accordingly.

3. Shape: For small kitchen cabinet L shape is ideal and optimized. It helps to work in a small space.

4. Colors and Outlooks: To show your kitchen big, you can use bright colors like light Yellow or White or Cream color. Otherwise by using big size tiles and hanging white spotlight under the upper cabinet can also be shown small kitchen big.

5. Emission and drainage system: It’s necessary to Keep windows and ventilator in the kitchen to outflow air and escape smells from the kitchen. The drainage system also need to be smooth to washout wasted water and liquids to keep kitchen clean.

Extensive ideas for standard kitchen--

Here are some extensive ideas can be added to make your kitchen standard-

1.Royal paint: Royal paint is washable which will be easy to clean your kitchen without affecting the color and paint.

2. Kitchen hood with chimney : Kitchen hood with chimney is useful to move out all the cooking smokes outside.

3. Waterproof Plywood: Use waterproof plywood which is durable and sustainable.

4. Cabinet Position: Put cabinet under the gap of cooker, sink and in the upper side of the opposite wall can make a good space in the kitchen.

5. Kitchen Baskets: Here are some types of baskets that can make your kitchen incredibly organized --

5.1: Utensil Basket: Your can put big size items like pots, dishes, pans inside it.

5.2: Cutlery Basket: Useful for putting small size items like spoons, knives, cutters, slicers etc.

5.3 Cup and Saucer: Useful to put cups and saucers.

5.4 Pullout: Useful to put various items into small big or medium size racks that can pull out from inside.

5.5 Cylinder Trolley: Useful to carry gas cylinder easily.

5.6 Bin Holder: Useful to put dustbin to throw wastages.


Be careful to design your kitchen--

  1. Don’t set cooker in front of windows. It’s not safe at all.

  2. Don’t buy excess items of kitchenware like dishes, pots etc. as the area is small.

  3. Avoid using big size tools and use multipurpose tools instead for better work.

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