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Notice By H.O


Regarding cancellation of engagement of worker namely Sekh Abul Hassan (Project Manager) was engaged under "Axis Group of Interior Design" Company, Kolkata.


      I being the Director of the interior company namely "Axis Group or Interior Design" would like to inform you that the engagement of Sekh Abul Hassan is treated as cancelled on 30h May 2018 due to his misconduct, illegal activities and defalcation of company fund. He was not punctual in service. He willingly had tried to destruct the good image of the Company. Now he has no relation with the company in all aspect from the month of June 2018. Accordingly all concerned bonafied clients are requested not to keep relation, deal and not to provide payment of any amount of money to him on behalf of the company otherwise company will not be liable in this matter at any cost from the date of his termination. So please keep faith with the company for future dealing. Please stay with the company.

Yours faithfully,

MD. Mohsin Ali


Axis Group Of Interior Design Kolkata

Contact No- 9733371582

Copy forwarded for information to:

1.  The Assistant Director, Axis Group of Interior Design, Kolltata.

2.  Sekh Abul Hassan.

3.  Office copy

New Doc 2018-08-27 13.13.07_1(1).jpg
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