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Mr Shahnewaj SK

Silver Oak Estate, Rajarhat rd, kalipark , 

Kolkata, West Bengal, Pin No- 700016, 

Project no: Ax-Ss Rb-14012019P761 

Project Type- ( SHD SHM )                               

Dear Sir,  As per your revert  regarding the 3BHK Flat  Standard High range ( Project Type- SHD SHM ) interior works by top grade ply wood  with high quality laminates all materials of top brand with highly experience top grade labours plus finishing level will be very high class having guarantee period of above 15 years . so  our rate is very reasonable and your whole interior work as per your choice is  too comparatively lower than market rate, still before finalisation of the total quote as per your design choice and approval may somehow get bit changes but if you want to reduce your budget then you have to compromise on quality and brand of materials and go for Standard Basic  which will be 10% percent less then your current quote.

- Work in progress -
- Work in progress -
3D design preview
3D design charges     ( 60% Advance Rs- 11,890 )
Approx quotation
Basic quotation
Standard quotation
Work start
Site completly  handover 
Final payment ( 5% )
Client review 
Date- 17/06/2019
Date- 18/06/2019
Date- 18/06/2019
Date- 18/06/2019
Date- 18/06/2019
Date- 19/07/2019
Date- 21/06/2019
Date- 03/07/2019
Date- 04/07/2019
Date- 23/06/2019
Date- 25/06/2019
Date- 06/07/2019
Date- XX/XX/2019
Date- XX/XX/2019
Date- XX/XX/2019
Date- XX/XX/2019
Date- XX/XX/2019
Date- 23/08/2019
Date- 23/08/2019
Date- XX/XX/2019
Date- XX/XX/2019
Date- 26/08/2019
Date- XX/XX/2019
Date- XX/XX/2019
Date- XX/XX/2019
Date- XX/XX/2019
Date- XX/XX/2019
Date- XX/XX/2019
Date- XX/XX/2019
Date- XX/XX/2019
Date- XX/XX/2019
Date- XX/XX/2019
Date- XX/XX/2019
Date- XX/XX/2019
Terms & Conditions
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Client Details.     Mr Shahnewaj Sk

 Address:             Silver Oak Estate, Rajarhat rd, Kalipark 

                             Kolkata- 700016, West Bengal, India


Project no:          Ax-Ss Rb-14012019P761

DATE:                 06.07.2019                                                         



              -:Terms  & Condition  for entire interior works  of above mention client with Axis Group of Interior design as stated below:-


1)    35% Advance to be paid along with the work order, another 35% after 40% progress of work, further

       25% after 70% progress of work and rest 5% after final completion of job and handover of the site.


2)    Other than specified items and work charges not mention in the quotation  will be extra.


3)    The time period for completion of job is 150 days from the approval of work order.


4)    Full permission  to be allotted by the client from apartment authority to us for freely doing the job.


5)    Any hindrance, disturbance or objection if arises from local authority/building or any local issues to  be manage and control by the client.


6)    Our  labour force to be allotted & allow the site staying for doing the job full time (24hr) till the completion of entire interior job and site handover.


7)    It is to be noted that electricity, water and other minimum requirement to be provided by  the Client to our staying labour force.


8)    AGOID excludes all liability and responsibility of any supplied materials or installation which is damage  or mishandle by client or third party.


9)    AGOID is not responsible for delay in completion of job if the payment term is not correctly maintained and fulfilled. Also company has full right to                 reverse the rate stated in quotation if the work is stop and further started after 3 month.


10)  If any issues arises regarding workmanship or materials or anything related to our interior jobs then client must bring in AGOID site supervisor or project manager notice immediately and it will be solve as early as possible.





                                                                                                                                                                                                       Director of AGOID

2D Design

2D Design - Layout

Total area- 1036 Sqft
2D Layout

V-ray 3D Design 

All 3D Design