Please don’t do this mistake in Interior Design projects

What is Interior Design? According to New York School Of Interior Design(NYSID), “Interior design is all about how we experience spaces. It’s a powerful, essential part of our daily lives and affects how we live, work, play, and even heal. Comfortable homes, functional workplaces, beautiful public spaces—that’s interior design at work.”

In simple word, Interior Design is a professional course which implementation makes the best possible optimized use of your space in every ways with positioning, materials, items and even show-pieces.

It’s an especial course just to transform your space into best place in professional way. It’s very normal that an Interior designer has the best knowledge than anyone even more than the space owners (if they are not interior designers) to make their space the way they need or want. For that, obviously every interior designer listens to the owner’s concept and requirements they want. But after that only the interior designer who is solely responsible for the rest of all to fulfil your dream.

Axis Group Of Interior Design

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Interior design is rapidly growing industry in this ultra modern age across the glob. As it’s spreading fast and becoming popular, many people are new to this Interior Design. Even people who are aware about this thing merely have direct experience of doing Interior Design. As a result most of the people as clients do a common mistake, that is listening to non- professional minds around them and apply the same to the professional Interior Design company. It’s called “Overtaking professional Designers” Yes, though it’s looking odd but sadly true. In this way they themselves ruin the best output they were going to get from the company.


What happens when a client impose their own design to the professionals:

Designing companies always have respect to clients as well as their decisions. But as they are given project by the owners, sometimes they are bound to obey the unprofessional instruction by the client. In this case the projects faces--

1. Bounded design: The most horrible thing clients do is imposing their own design to company/designer. By this thing designers miss the freedom to design and their own creativity hampers. Please don’t do that. You are especially paying the company to design your premises. Let them do their job. They are specially trained for that.

2. Waste of Qualification: A designer is who has the creativity, planning power along with technical knowledge of working. Just putting layouts and making a virtual 3D image of a design is not the all what designers do. The thing actually a designers do is “Making Decision” with their creative and powerful planning for your project. This is their special quality. But if you impose him to do this thing in your way, then you are actually converting a qualified designer into a “labourer” who do only the graphical work for you. Don’t loss to get qualified work by them.

3. Average Output: There are more than 10 Lakhs of materials in interior design world that clients merely have idea. Within hundred types of limited materials they may have seen around them and suggest that to the company. The same for furniture's, show pieces and other items may known to them. This is how they get just an average output within their limit. But if they leave this to c

ompany, they(company) will bring the stunning output to your space. Another thing is to add here, that is making interruption in between work. Some clients are there who makes sudden changes by talking to their surrounding people like neighbours and relatives and change their minds. This types of unexpected sudden changes make a huge loss to the output that they were about to get. Company never feel comfortable for this type of changes done by unprofessional mind.

4. Client Responsibility: This is the fact that company can’t be responsible for the average output if client impose their own design to company or make any interruption in between work. Because designing is the main part of interior decoration. It has a large effect in the interior decoration output like- comfortability, functionality and out looking. If you are not ready to take responsibility of negative output of your project, then please allow the professional to do their work with freedom without any interruption while they do work.

5. Wrong Way: We hope, till now you have understand well how the interior designer works best in the way. There are absolutely 2 ways to make work done by company-- A. Decide all (design, positioning, materials, items) by yourself and put the company to accomplish or B. Give all the requirements to the company and let them decide to use best position, materials, items for you and accomplish. Obviously the second one is the best way.

Thanks for reading with patience till this presented by Axis Group Of Interior Design (AGOID), the best interior design company in India. We render you the best possible service in interior design.

What you can get in AGOID:

You will get all kind of products in best quality with affordable rate here. You can also avail warranty subject to company fault for long time. We are here with extraordinary designers and quality assurance team who will only deliver the final output to you after assuring it’s quality.

AGOID is proud to share of their work for which is regarded as the best interior design company in Kolkata and also the fastest growing company in India.

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